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Training Programs

We offer the best training programs

We offer excellent training programs aimed at building the capacity of organizations and businesses to help them succeed to achieve their goals.

Governance: Programs of effective governance, role of board, regulatory compliance and business strategy.
Training of trainers: This program aims at imparting skills required for effective facilitation of adult learning. At the end of the training, trainees should be able to effectively prepare and facilitate a course in their area of specialty based on client/participants’ needs.
Performance management & appraisal: This course will provide attitudes, skills, knowledge and framework for continuously improving individual performance management capability to support the achievement of corporate goals.
Finance for non-financial managers: This course provides skills and -attitudes for a good understanding of financial jargon, understanding of key financial statements, understanding of investment decision tools in the investment process and a working knowledge of financial planning - budgeting and controls.
Management of personal change: This program provides skills and attitudes for developing personal effectiveness and essential life skills during transitions in life and career.
Leadership development: Our leadership course enables experienced managers to refresh their skills, and new managers make an immediate impact through learning how to influence organizational success. It deals with the day to day challenges facing a leader but more especially change management, managing diversity, conflict management, team motivation, team leadership and people development.
Risk Management: This program aims at imparting enterprise risk management skills to enable trainees generate solutions to assist them manage risk proactively and intelligently. It enables them understand industry trends, their challenges and develop appropriate responses.
Borrower education: This course provides the participants with attitudes, skills and Knowledge for responsible borrowing.
Personal Finance: Courses aimed at imparting positive attitudes and skills in money management, responsible spending, savings and investment.
Sales, service and advisory capability: The overall aim of this training is to develop the sales & service performance capabilities of business sourcing officers in order to ensure that organizations deliver excellent customer experience and ultimately improve business results.
Credit Management: The program aims at imparting participants with basic and advanced credit appraisal, loan management and credit structuring /sales skills.
Banking/FOSA Operations: The participants will acquire and be able to apply basic banking/FOSA operations skills for performing clerical roles and first line supervisory in a banking or FOSA environment. These include teller skills, branch based payment processing, payment systems, clearing, customer service and inquiry handling.
Occupational safety & health: Imparts participants with skills and attitudes that promote safety in the workplace covering fire, hygiene, electricity, chemicals, machine usage, pandemics amongst other issues.

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