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Weru Mwangi

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In 2008, I sat in a meeting where a gentleman narrated how, in the early 1990s, he left a “Big 3” audit firm to join a struggling financial institution as a Finance & Strategy Director. Central Bank of Kenya had declared the financial institution technically insolvent and had therefore called the directors, management and major […]
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In 2019, I passed by a recreational facility to make an enquiry and met a gentleman who introduced himself as the Facility Manager. We developed a rapport when, during our conversations, he realized that we both hail from the same County and that I attended the same high school with his brother. At one point, […]
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In May 2017, I sat as a co-facilitator in a bank strategy review workshop – the bank’s third such workshop since April 2016. The bank was going through hard times after suffering panic withdrawals the previous year upon the collapse of Chase Bank. The Chief Executive was vocal and sounded very clear about the way […]
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Power of Criticism

On Saturday 1st June 2019, I was in a forum where we engaged youth on self-awareness. One of the most striking topics that the lead speaker discussed was how fear of criticism makes people put their ambitions on hold with some never pursuing their dreams for fear of being adjudged as not being good enough. He […]
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Personal Finances 101: Business or Employment?

Early last week, a discussion was provoked within a WhatsApp group when one member of the forum stated that other members should consider quitting employment and start business in order to be financially secure. Reactions ranged from outright support to outright hostility with a few moderate cases also voicing their views. These reactions made me […]
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